Brand and Fanbase Development for Writers

Red Mallard helps writers develop and manage their brands and fanbases with sophistication and controlled exposure.

The mission of Red Mallard is to help writers keep their books in print.

By bringing excellent design and strategy together with a new or established writer’s unique brand, we aim to help our clients engage new readers in a socially controlled way.

Once a book has been published, it can take off, gain momentum, or struggle to find its audience. In a noisy world of online stores positioning their favorites and selfpublishing run amok, Red Mallard is here to ensure each book finds its audience by helping writers embrace a new, comfortable level of interaction.


Featured Clients

Alex Espinoza

Alex Espinoza

With his second novel published by Random House this year, Red Mallard is going to create two distinct websites for Mr. Espinoza. The first website focuses on his catalog of work, information for his students, and feature a seamless integration with social platforms. The second website will be designed as a companion to his new novel, featuring content that did not make the final edit and will serve to further the reader’s experience.

Michael Jaime-Becerra

Michael Jaime-Becerra

After the publication of two award-winning novels, Mr. Jaime-Becerra is ready for a website presence. The theme of the website is El Monte, California: his hometown and setting for the majority of his work. His website will feature personal essays, images, and music which will help his readers experience his creative process.

Susan Straight

Susan Straight

Ms. Straight’s website was published in 2010. Having published numerous novels, stories, and essays, and won many awards, Ms. Straight was interested in a website that gave readers a glimpse into her inspiration: her family heritage. Therefore, we created a page dedicated to the many dynamic people who grew out of her diverse family tree. We also created The Book Rate Book Club, which she uses to send some of her favorite books to fans who sign up on the website.

Recent News: Between Heaven and Here, Straight’s eighth novel, published by McSweeny’s in 2012.

About the Founder

John Welches

John Welches is a personal and corporate branding specialist. Since 2008, he has owned and operated J. Welches and Associates, helping small- to medium-sized businesses understand their brands and develop the tools necessary to achieve results. He received his degree in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside, where he was awarded the Mosaic Award in Fiction and the Abraham L. Polonsky Memorial Award. He is also a past participant in the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley.